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Starboard Windsurf/Wing/Paddle Package

Starboard Windsurf/Wing/Paddle Package

This Starboard family fun package consists of an inflatable board that can be used for windsurfing or SUP and with a wing (not foiling), a windsurfing rig, a wing, and a paddle. Compact, light, and easy to transport with the Go Connect System. Go paddleboarding, learn windsurfing, and even get into planing with our Water-Releasing Rail Edge Technology. Pick from a 10'8, 11'2, or 12'6" board size - they are all a stable and fast platform for windsurfing, paddling, and enjoying SUP surfing in small waves. The Starboard rig is sturdy, powerful, and light. The carbon paddle shaft’s advanced blade shape has a direct and refined feel. The board bag and rig bag can connect, turning into one piece for transport.

The Board:
Starboard inflatable boards are simply the best inflatable available. You get welded rails for increased durability and longevity, water releasing rail-edge technology, and windsurfing specific features like a mast track, center fin, and footstrap inserts. For the best value you can't beat the IGo Zen, or upgrade to the Deluxe for increased stiffness.

The Rig:
The Starboard Compact rig is a perfect compliment to an inflatable paddle board that can be windsurfed.  Designed to maximize the power in light wind, this rig is light, easy to rig, easy to use and will have you gliding across your lake or bay in no time.  The WindSUP Compact uses a four-piece mast and a three-piece boom to fit into a more compact bag.  This season offers a new and improved sail design that includes a longer second batten. 

The Wing:
The Starboard Freewing Go is the wing you want for learning to wing (on the water, on snow, or on a skateboard). The FreeWing GO has a pioneering, ultra compact geometry, suitable for any level of rider.The shorter wingtips do not catch when learning, gybing, during advanced water starts or rotations. The short wingtips also enhance the ease of use when not foiling or on snow, ice, with skateboards and land boards. The large diameter middle frame creates instant power and a rigid feel, getting you up and going, despite a relatively lower aspect ratio. The wind range is huge as it’s such an easy wing to control over powered. The handles are easy to grab, while the windows are positioned and optimized for important visibility/ safety.

The Paddle:
A 3 piece travel paddle doesn't have to be heavy and aluminum.  The Starboard Enduro 2 Tiki Tech is an adjustable length paddle with a carbon shaft that breaks down into 3 pieces!  If you have an inflatable paddle board, add this paddle and you can take the whole kit as checked baggage on your next airplane ride. 

The Enduro blade shape gives you a precise and powerful catch while the smooth flow of water around the blade allows you to paddle at a faster cadence.  The 13 degree angle that the blade sits at gives this paddle extreme versatility, working as well to accelerate you on to a wave as it does for a leisurely cruise around a lake. 

The best selling tiki tech blade construction includes a carbon stringer for strength and reflex properties and an ABS outer shell for durability.  The strength is further enhanced by extra reinforcing at the blade neck.  The hybrid-carbon shaft is the perfect compliment to the tiki tech blade as it is strong and light weight.  The adjusting mechanism is secure and easy to use.  A fantastic all around paddle!