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34 Black North Sails Aluminum MDM Extension

North WS MDM Aluminum Extension

North Sails MDM extensions ensure that you spend less time rigging and maximize your time out on the water. The Aluminium is our alternative to the Carbon, with the same innovative features. The loop-loop-go system makes rigging simple and seamless, even on the downhaul. The low stretch Dyneema rope greatly reduces friction, and downhaul can be applied with just your hands on most Wave and X-Over sails. The extension ring has a simple to use Pop & Slide system, so setting the right length becomes intuitive. The U-Pin button sits discreetly on the extension tube and has a manual locking function for safety and peace of mind, whether you’re in the waves or during long slalom reaches. High-grade plastic and stainless steel components ensure the extension will be in your quiver for many years to come.


  • MDM Diameter & the Perfect Fit to Any MDM Masts
  • Flatwater specific 8:1 downhaul pulley system
  • Mushroom Sand Stopper
Materials: T6061 Aluminum Tube for Maximum Durability