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Aerotech Air X (2019)


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Sail colors vary - call if you want a specific color!

Air X All Around Windsurfing No-Cam Sail

The Aerotech Air X is a great all-around, no-cam sail that combines performance in freeride, freestyle and wave sailing!  With a lot of range and ability to be tuned it offers a soft feel but still lots of power.  The Air X has 100% grid construction for durability and a stainless 6-1 downhaul pulley. Rod battens are used for all sizes up to 7.0m, the 7.7m size comes with one tube batten for added stability.  The Air X is a fantastic value and the 5.2m to 7.0m sizes will all rig on a 430cm mast, for added ease of building your quiver around fewer mast sizes. 
Colors vary

air x sail specs
*Denotes Adjustable Head