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Aerotech Air X Rig

Size: 5.8

Price:  $ 1,157.00 
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Size: 6.4

Price:  $ 1,225.00 
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Size: 7.0

Price:  $ 1,242.00 
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Size: 7.7

Price:  $ 1,270.00 
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Aerotech Air-X Windsurfing Rig

The Aerotech Air X is the do it all windsurfing sail in an all grid, light weight construction. Freestyle, freeride, wave sailing - this sail does it all! And when packaged with a 60% carbon reduced diameter mast, aluminum boom, an RDM extension, and mast foot - you have everything you need to get on the water.  This is a definite big improvement over your typical beginner windsurfing rig package - the Air X sail and supplied components are a great match for a short board to be used in planing conditions. We recommend this sail to anyone who is wanting to get on the water often and progress quickly! The layout and grid construction of the Air-X make this sail very responsive and allow you to use this in a variety of wind conditions.  
  • 100% grid construction
  • stainless steel downhual pulley
  • rod battens
  • 60% carbon rdm mast
  • Aeron or Chinook aluminum boom
  • Aluminum rdm extention
  • Euro-pin mast foot
  • Uphaul

air x sail specifications