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Airush High Velocity Wing Pump

size: Large

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size: X-Large

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Compatible with Starboard and Slingshot wings.

Airush High Velocity Pump

The Airush High Velocity Kite & Wing Pump comes with a high volume chamber, anti friction internal coatings, full alloy handle shaft, multiple nozzle adaptors and pressure gauge. A large dual action kite and wing pump with aluminum shaft and gauge, the Airush Kite and Wing Pump is compatible with all major brands. Two-way, very high capacity for quick and effortless pumping.

Pump Features
  • Quick & Easy Inflation: High quality components and lubricant ensure smooth kite inflation time and time again.
  • Pressure Gauge: The digitally calibrated pressure gauge ensures correct pressure every time you pump. A simple colour-coded scale makes inflation easy. Best suited for 4-10 PSI applications.
  • Aluminium Shaft: The strong aluminium shaft maintains a straight pump stroke with less friction.
  • Ergonomic Handgrips and Footbase: Comfortable handgrips and foot base further aid posture.
  • Kite Leash: Keeps your kite tethered during inflation.
  • Size: 2.3 litre volume
  • The pump can be used as both dual action and single action allowing you to pump the kite to your desired pressure with ease.