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Axis Foils "Super Easy BSC" Foil Package

Wing Set: 970 BSC / 400 Freeride

Price:  $ 1,503.00 
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Wing Set: 1060 BSC / 440 Freeride

Price:  $ 1,564.00 
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Wing Set: 1120 BSC / 500 Freeride

Price:  $ 1,606.00 
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Tef-Gel is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for foil assembly!

The Axis Foils Super Easy BSC Package is a beginner friendly, high performance foil system. It combines stability, early lift, and predictable handling to give you a foil anyone can learn on. The BSC (Broad Spectrum Carve) foil’s party trick is how well it keeps delivering as your skills improve. The better you get, the better it gets. You will discover hidden speed gears the harder you push it, you’ll turn tighter turns than what you thought possible. This is a foil that has something for everyone, no matter how new you are, or how good you end up getting.

Choose Axis Foils for their incredible price to performance ratio, superb reliability, and a forever expanding catalog of components. The completely modular platform allows you to fine tune your ride however you'd like. If you hit a performance ceiling, you’re a quick component swap away from a new experience. This is the perfect package to start your foil journey on, and one you can rest easy knowing it won’t get outdated next season.

This kit comes with everything you will need for a complete foil. It includes the following components.

  • Axis BSC Front Wing (come with padded cover)

  • Axis Freeride Rear Wing (come with padded cover)

  • Axis Red Short Fuselage 

  • Axis 19mm Doodad Mast/Fuse Adapter 

  • Axis Aluminum 19mm Mast - 75 cm 

  • Axis Aluminum 19mm Base Plate

  • Axis Stainless Screw set and Tool-set (includes board mounting hardware)

  • Tef-Gel Assembly Grease - 3cc tube 

We recommend choosing a wing-set size based on weight first, and wind conditions second.

970 / 400 -  is best for riders up to 140 lbs. (64 KG), or consistent winds above 15 knots.

1060 / 440 - best for riders 140 lbs. to 210 lbs. (64-95 KG), or winds ranging from 10-25 knots.

1120 / 500 - best for larger riders above 210 lbs., or winds under 20 knots.

Please feel free to reach out if you want to build a custom foil.