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Black Project Kestrel Delta Weed Fin Power Box

Size/Base: 22cm power box

Price:  $ 220.00 

Specialty: Weed Fin
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Size/Base: 24cm power box

Price:  $ 225.00 

Specialty: Weed Fin
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Black Project Kestrel Delta Weed Fin

The Black Project Kestrel SpeedDelta Fin is designed for GPS speed sailing in shallow or heavy weed locations. Tested in those conditions in Australia and Lake Budgewoi, the Kestrel Delta fin outperformed other Delta fins. Similar to the Free Delta fin, you get exceptional performance and top speed without being held back from weeds or debris in the water. The Kestrel fin is especially unique because it is the most spin-out resistant delta windsurfing fin available.

We recommend this fin to any windsurfer that sails in extremely shallow and weedy waters, and who demands the absolute best from their gear.

Black Project Kestrel Fin Features:

  • GPS Speed Fin
  • Extreme shallow water and weedy locations
  • Spin-out resistant
  • Extreme stiffness and durability
  • With or without paint on trailing edge