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Chinook Epoxy/Glass Mast

Size: 340 RDM(kids rig)

Price:  $ 164.00 
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Size: 400

Price:  $ 170.00 
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Size: 430

Price:  $ 175.00 
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Size: 460

Price:  $ 182.00 
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If you're not sure this mast will work wth your sail, give us a call at 727-656-6569!

Chinook Epoxy/Glass Windsurfing Mast

This is a 2 piece standard diameter epoxy fiber glass mast made from Chinook Sailing. This is a great mast option for any windsurfer looking to get a durable and long lasting mast at a great price. This is also a great choice for people who are just setting up their first beginner rig and don't want to spend extra money on higher carbon content. Compared to a carbon mast, composite masts are very durable, but do not have as much flection and therefore do not feel as responsive as a carbon mast. As a beginner or a recreational windsurfer, you don't necessarily need the responsive feel in light winds which is why this mast is a great option for that type of sailor.  Due to the composite composition these masts are slightly heavier than a mast with carbon content, but they still provides great shape to the sail and are much more durable. This epoxy mast has a constant curve and will work well with any sail that recommends constant curve. 

The Chinook Epoxy/Glass windsurfing masts comes in different sizes, and they are a great replacement for any old 1 piece mast epoxy masts. Easy to store and easy to rig, you can still have a ton of fun windsurfing at a reasonable price! If you are interested in getting a great beginner rig with this mast, check out the Chinook Powerglide Rig!

This mast does not come with a bag, but you get Chinook's 1-year warranty!
Chinook Epoxy/Glass Mast Specs
Chinook Epoxy/Glass Mast Specifications