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Chinook X-Ply Sail Repair Tape

X-Ply Sail Repair Tape

Regular sail repair tape doesn't stick all that great to your x-ply windsurfing sail, so the innovators at Chinook came up with a great solution! This X-Ply repair tape comes in a 3" wide 10 foot long roll, so you can be ready to fix more than one puncture in your sail. With a super sticky backing and x-ply construction you will have your sail fixed and be back on the water in no time.

Sail Repair Instructions:

-Clean and dry area for repair.
-We recommend applying tape to both sides of the sail over the tear.
-Cut to size, just a bit bigger than the tear.
-Round the corners of the tape to keep the repair from peeling up.
-Remove the backing when you are ready to apply the tape - but try not to touch the sticky side!
-Apply tape smoothly and use your hand pressure to work out any bubbles.
-Let the repair cure for 24 hours for best results.