Dakine Comp Harness Lines


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32" at longest

Dakine Comp Windsurfing Harness Lines

The DaKine Comp adjustable harness lines are designed so that you can actually adjust them while you are sailing! The metal jam cleat means that you really can adjust them on the fly - great for course racing (Formula, Kona or longboard) or folks that want real ease of adjustment. Da Kine sells these lines in two different lengths (18-24" and 24-32"), but we only stock the longer size. Because the plastic tubing can be cut down and the knot on one side tied to any length - the longer size is actually infinitely shortenable!
  • 8-Plait pre-stretched FSE Robline® rope
  • Quick smooth on the fly adjustment
  • Marine grade stainless steel cleat
  • High-density polyurethane tubing
  • Unique rope pull handle
  • Non-slip boom pads