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Duotone Now (2020)

Size: 3.6- blue/black

Price:  $ 379.00 
Out of Stock

Size: 4.0 - blue/black

Price:  $ 389.00 
Out of Stock

Size: 4.4 - blue/black

Price:  $ 399.00 
Out of Stock
Not sure if your mast or boom will work or looking for a quiver? Give us a call at 727.656.6569 and we can make sure you get the right gear!

Duotone Now Sail 2020

Smaller framed riders, women and groms don't have to fight with oversized and heavy sails anymore.  Duotone specifically developed the NOW – a highly lightweight, powerful and high-quality performance handling windsurfing sail based on the current SUPER HERO model yet adapted so it can be used by smaller/lighter riders with ease. While most windsurfing sail brands use the same layouts and materials for grom and women windsurfing sails as in their adult-sized sails, Duotone does things differently. The balanced shape, lightweight monofilm and sophisticated mix of materials guarantee low weight AND durability.  Get out on the water NOW.