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Duotone Power XT 2.0 SLS RDM 36 Extension

Duotone Power XT 2.0 SLS Extension

The POWER.XT 2.0 SLS Extension has been improved to help you get rigged and windsurfing faster.  It is the lightest extension on the market and offers some radical upgrades. The latest version comes with a completely new adjustment ring, which offers a unique feature: based on the tried-and-tested SDM adjustment ring, the RDM version now for the first time ensures that the aluminum tube does not come into contact with the mast anymore, which avoids any contact corrosion.  What does this mean for you?  Your gear is going to last longer.  The reduced diameter tube has been reinforced with a strong aluminum inner tube making sure that you are not sacrificing any strength. 

The Power XT line makes it easy to rig and fine tune your sails both on the beach and out on the water.  Just a few clicks can get you dialed in to make sure you are windsurfing with the best set up for the conditions. Once you try out the Power XT, you'll never want to windsurf without it.