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Duotone Windsurfing Board Grip 3 SLS

Duotone Grip 3 SLS

Fanatic windsurfing is now Duotone - but don't worry, the performance is the same! The Grip 3 SLS is a thruster wave board in SLS (Strong - Light - Superior) construction.

What is Different for 2024?
-No 5 multi-setup fin-boxes: this just adds unnecessary weight and drag and is always a compromise since every fin configuration requires a different board shape (bottom and rail shape, outline, scoop-rocker line) to exploit its full potential. It also prevents the board from becoming tail-heavy/sticky. Plus finding a good working setup with 5 boxes is just the opposite of plug & play.
-The mini mast track reduces the weight in the critical nose area. It also reduces the risk to misplace your mast base while still providing just the right amount of length adjustment for all riding styles and sail sizes.
-The mini side fin boxes no longer offer any adjustment to prevent misplacing your fins. Now all adjustability for different riding styles and sail sizes is done through the center fin(s) only - simple and lightweight!
-Our exclusive layup based on over 40 years of experience got refined by DUOTONE chief board construction and QR manager Vasin Siritho.
-Even the artwork got weight optimised by minimising heavy PVC stickers.
-All these efforts add up to a noticeable weight reduction of 400-500g (depending on the board size) without compromising our bombproof durability
: STRONG-LIGHT-SUPERIOR! In addition, they simply work to their best right out of the box, just plug & shred.