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Fanatic Free Wave STB TE (2018)


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Fanatic Freewave STB TE

The Fanatic Freewave STB TE (Team Edition) 2018 board is the go to choice for any windsurfer who wants performance in waves, bump and jump conditions, or flat water sailing! New to the line-up in 2017, this brilliantly engineered board combines the classic Freewave style with the wave sailing Stubby to create a manueverable, easy to control, quick to plane, and fast freeride board. The Freewave STB features sleek parallel lines for reduced drag, a shorter and wider "Stubby-Stlye" nose for reduced swing weight and ease of use on jumps, landings, and tacks, and Fanatic's wide double diamond tail for extra planing power. You also get your choice on fin setup- you can ride a single center fin on flat water for faster speeds or you can add thruster fins for a tri-fin set up to use in the waves.

The Freewave STB TE 115 liter board is new this year and is a great option for stronger riders and lighter wind days. If you are used to the original Freewave board and want more information, check out our blog post comparing the difference between the Freewave and the Freewave STB!

Fanatic FreeWave STB TE Specs:

Fanatic Freewave STB TE Specifications

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