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Fanatic Viper W/ Ezzy Legacy Rig (2022)

Fanatic Viper/ Ezzy Legacy Rig Package

This complete package of the Fanatic Viper and Ezzy Legacy is the ideal rig for learning how to windsurf, or progressing to become an intermediate level windsurfer. The Viper has become a standard for a versatile, easy-to-use and easy-to-progress board. Pair this with the Ezzy Legacy rig package and you have a great, nimble combination. The slightly longer outline of the Viper gives the board a great glide across the water. You can choose from a multiple of sizes of both board and rig to give you the optimized package for your body and sailing type. The Board size is the board width in CM, so the wider the board the more volume and stability. Larger sailors will want bigger sizes, smaller sailors will want smaller sizes. The daggerboard in the Viper will give you better up-wind sailing ability as well as some added stability.

Ezzy Legacy Windsurf Sail Specifications