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Fanatic Viper with Powerglide Rig

Size: Viper 91 with 4.7m rig

Price:   $ 2,366.00   $ 2,249.00  
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Size: Viper 91 with 5.5m rig

Price:   $ 2,398.00   $ 2,279.00  
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Size: Viper 91 with 7.5m rig

Price:   $ 2,538.00   $ 2,438.00  
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Fanatic Viper and Chinook Powerglide Complete Windsurfing Rig

Fanatic Viper beginner windsurfing board with a Chinook Powerglide rig.  Everything you need to have a great time on the water learning to windsurf or improving your skills!  Just choose your board size and sail size - and if you are not sure what will work best for you, drop us a line or give us a call - we're happy to help you find the gear that will work best for you!

The Viper has become the standard for a versatile, easy-to-use, easy-to-progress on windsurf board!  The slightly longer outline gives a great feeling of gliding across the water in lighter winds and enhances the up-wind performance (less walking back to where you started from!) and the soft deck is easy on the feet and knees.

The Vipers are available in 5 sizes; 70, 75, 80, 85, or 91. The size is the width of the board in centimeters, so the wider the board, the more volume and the more stable. Bigger people will want the bigger sizes, smaller people the smaller sizes.

The Chinook Powerglide rig is a great combination of performance, durability, and light-weight built into one sail. X-ply material combined with Dacron is very light yet extremely durable. Endo-batten seam shaping helps to create a powerful sail that is tunable with screw-adjusting batten tensioners. Comes with Ezzy built sail, 2-piece epoxy mast, Competition boom, 1-Bolt Tendon mast base, alloy extension, and uphaul finishes out this windsurf rig that is easy to handle and easy to learn to windsurf with.

PowerGlide Sail Specs
Chinook Powerglide Windsurfing Sail Specs