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Goya Banzai Pro

Size: 4.2 Orange/Blue

Price:   $ 735.00   $ 659.00  
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Size: 4.7 Orange/Blue

Price:   $ 764.00   $ 689.00  
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Size: 5.3 Orange/Blue

Price:   $ 782.00   $ 699.00  
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Size: 5.7 Orange/Blue

Price:   $ 793.00   $ 709.00  
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Size: 6.3 Orange/Blue

Price:   $ 804.00   $ 729.00  
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Size: 4.0 Yellow

Price:  $ 722.00 
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Bonzai Pro Wave Windsurfing Sail

The Bonzai Pro from Goya is the go to wave sail for top tier riders.  This sail offers the solution to all the demands of a light weight, direct power delivery, wide range sail with heaps of flex and control letting the Bonzai pro have unparalleled adaptability.   Key to this sail's design is the back hand throttle control, this allows the sail to pull forward from low rpm's and is very balanced while leaving a little extra available off the back hand for when you need to speed up into a jump or maneuver.  This allows the rider to feel a direct connection to how the sail is loading and releasing giving them more control of their maneuvers. 

The Bonzai Pro does away with a mono film window for a bi-ply film.  Bi-Ply is two layers of laminated clear film that offers greater UV protection, super resilient to hard creases and lasts 3x longer than traditional mono film this is invaluable on those occasions when you fall and don't break your sail.


  • Pro construction, bi-ply & scrim
  • Back hand throttle control
  • 4 batten sail