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Ion Element 3/2 Back Zip Men

Size Color: 52/L Black

Price:   $ 228.00   $ 159.99  
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Size Color: 54/XL Black

Price:   $ 228.00   $ 159.99  
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Ion Element 3/2 Back Zip Men Wetsuit

Introducing the ION Element 3/2 Backzip Men Wetsuit, where simplicity meets functionality. Crafted with water enthusiasts in mind, this wetsuit embodies ION's dedication to essential features. The Element 3/2 Backzip 2024 Wetsuit is a testament to practicality, ensuring a fantastic experience for water lovers. Its innovative Hot_Stuff 2.0 lining not only dries rapidly but also provides unmatched warmth, making your water adventures enjoyable and snug.

Designed meticulously, this wetsuit features a 3mm thickness on the torso and 2mm on the arms and legs, utilizing ION's most supple neoprene material. By minimizing seams, it maximizes flexibility while reducing the risk of water seepage. The convenient back zipper design simplifies dressing and undressing, ensuring a secure fit that keeps you comfortably warm. Seam_Reinforcement technology strengthens vital stress points, ensuring the wetsuit's durability. Additionally, the soft Silk_Stuff interior lining adds a touch of luxury against your skin.

17°C - 22°C / 63°F - 72°F

Key features

Hot Stuff 2.0
The Hot_Stuff 2.0 comes with a plushier feel due to larger loops that trap more air for heat insulation. It is the stretchiest thermo lining in ION's entire range.

Seam Reinforcement
All stress points are reinforced and secured by melco tape from the inside to ensure a longer lifespan of the seams.

Water Gate
Extra panel on the inside that seals off the back zipper and acts as a barrier preventing water from rushing into the wetsuit.

Drain Holes
Quick water release when needed in order to combat water accumulation inside the wetsuit. The Drain_Holes are secured in place from the inside and won't expand.

Silk Stuff
Smooth inside lining for a comfortable feeling on bare skin. Despite its snuggly appearance it proves to be really hard core when it comes to the interior's superb flexible characteristics.

Sunglasses Loop
A small webbing loop on the neck of wetsuits and tops to attach the safety line of watersport sunglasses.