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Ion Neo Top 2/2 Long Sleeve

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These are a snug fit - you may want to order 1 size up from your t-shirt size if you have a broad chest.

ION Neo Top 2/2 LS Neoprene Top

The ION Neo Top has 2mm neoprene and long sleeves to make it the perfect choice for water sports enthusiasts who demand the best in performance and comfort. Made from a durable, 2/2mm neoprene, this top provides 100% UV protection, efficient heat retention, and a reduction in irritation and bruising. The flexible outside lining makes it feel like you're wearing nothing at all, while the Silk_Stuff lining on the inside provides maximum comfort. Fused edges round out this technical long sleeve, making it sturdy and ready for countless sessions.

  • 100% UV protection
  • Efficient heat retention
  • Reduces irritation and bruising
  • Flexible outside lining
  • Silk_Stuff lining on the inside
  • Fused edges

  • Stay protected from the sun's harmful rays
  • Stay warm in cold water
  • Reduce chafing and bruising
  • Move freely and comfortably
  • Enjoy your water sports activities to the fullest

Order your ION Neo Top 2/2 LS top today and experience the difference!