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Ion Radium Curv 13 Surf Waist Harness (2021)

Ion Radium Curv 13 Waist Harness

The Curv freeride series is made of a completely molded composite material with a high back allowing for great back support and flexible side panels for a comfortable fit in a supportive, stiff harness.  Additionally, this construction comes with an internal EVA giving the rider maximum comfort while windsurfing.  The Radium Curv 13 also features a fiber reinforced C-Bar with a new tension lever allowing the rider to tighten their harness without the hassle of having to constantly adjust the buckle settings to get the best fit and an internal flex belt to keep your harness from slipping while unhooked.   With a flex index of 13, all loads are distributed perfectly through its stiff 3D pre-shaped center part. Together with the high outline, this medium-stiff to stiff harness supports the rider exactly where needed. Flexible side parts allow great freedom of movement for radical moves on the water. On top, the Radium Curv 13 is equipped with ION's popular C_bar 3.0. The C_Bar 3.0 comes with a lightweight windsurf aluminum hook.  


  • Lightweight
  • C-Bar 3.0
  • Inside EVA
  • Support and Flexibility right where you need it

Harnesses Waist Men*

XS 25''-29'' 63,5-73
S 28''-31'' 71-78
M 30''-33'' 76-83,8
L 32''-35'' 81-89
XL 34''-37'' 86-94

Harnesses Waist Women*

XS 24''-27'' 60-68
S 26''-29'' 66-73
M 28''-31'' 71-78
L 30''-33'' 76-83