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Ion Radium Select Waist Harness


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Comes with Ion specific spreader bar and bar pad.
Sizes run slightly big compared to Dakine (if you are a DaKine Large, you may be an Ion Medium)

Ion Radium Select Windsurfing Waist Harness

You want your harness to fit well, no moving around or riding up and you don't want to stop windsurfing because of sore spots on your hips or ribs.  You need the Ion Radium Selelct!  The memory foam makes the harness fit better than a glove, and the wire-tec load distribution system allows you to have the harness be snug without pressure points.  And, with Ion's push button release system, you don't have to loosen the harness straps up all the way every time you take your harness off or put it on.  This is a comfortable harness that fits great - so far everyone who has tried one on in the store loves it!
ion harness size chart