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Kanulock Locking Straps

Length (Feet): 8

Price:  $ 69.95 
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Length (Feet): 11

Price:  $ 79.95 
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Length (Feet): 13

Price:  $ 89.95 
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Length (Feet): 18

Price:  $ 99.95 
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Kanulocks come in pairs (2 individual straps) and include 2 keys to secure your favorite toys on top of your car!

Kanulock Lockable Tie-Down Rack Straps

Feel better and more secure about leaving boards on your car with these awesome Kanulock Tie-Down Rack Straps!! These lockable, tie-down rack straps come in 4 different lengths so you can secure all of your surf, windsurf, sup, and Kayak gear. With traditional nylon tie downs, it is way too easy for someone to steal a board off of your car. With the Kanulock Tie-Down, you have secure nylon straps with 2 braided stainless steel cables running through that prevent anyone from simply walking up and cutting the straps with a knife or blade. In addition to the reinforced straps, Kanulocks have a lockable feature that require a key to undo the strap through the cam buckle so the strap cannot be loosened and will not slide out of the buckle unless you unlock it!
These tie-down rack straps are great for anyone who wants the convenience of safely leaving their boards/kayaks on top of their car while they are at work, grabbing a drink after a great session on the water, or for the traveling/camping sportsman who wants the security of leaving their boards on their car at night.

Kanulock Size Guide

Kanulock Loackable Tie-Down Straps Size Guide

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