North Fixed Harness Lines


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Not sure what length lines you need? You might want adjustable length harness lines instead!

North Sails Fixed Harness Lines for Windsurfing

The North Sails Harness Lines Fixor are fixed harness lines that are very durable! These harness lines won't slip on your boom while windsurfing because they have reinforced grip pad underneath the straps for sure-tight contact. You can still easily adjust the harness lines by detaching the velcro strap, sliding your lines to your preferred spot on the boom, then reattaching the velcro so you can get back to windsurfing at top speeds!

The Fixer harness lines come in the following sizes: 22", 24", 26", 28", 30", 33", & 36". These harness lines are constructed of low stretch 2mm rope that is covered by extremely durable PU plastic tubing to increase the longevity and function for your best windsurfing days.