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North Local Pro MDM Mast

size: 430

Price:  $ 649.00 
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size: 460

Price:  $ 689.00 
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size: 490

Price:  $ 729.00 
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MDM Mast only works with MDM North mast extensions

North Local Pro MDM

The Local Pro windsurf masts are the perfect choice for riding your local spot. These windsurf masts are a must-have for Free Race, Free Ride, and Slalom Racers who want to push their riding to the limit and maximize the performance of their North Sails without going overboard. Made with 100% 24k carbon laid in a Tow Preg matrix, the accessible Local Pro masts use a high-grade carbon that optimizes performance. With their unique combination of thoughtful design, advanced materials, and innovative technology, the Local Pro lets your sail perform freely. Go beyond with these masts.


  1. MDM - Medium Diameter Mast
  2. Tow Preg
  3. Variable Pitch
  4. Mushroom Sand Stopper
  5. Integrated Ferrule 2.0