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Phantom Iris X Sport Foil Set

Phantom Iris X Sport Foil

The Iris X is the beast of the foiling playground. It has the same ‘R’ genes, with the same design but with a more affordable 5cm shorter mast made of M40J high modulus carbon prepreg mast and T700 carbon prepreg wings. The X windfoil is a terrific blend of stability and performance, developed to win foiling races and turbo charge your freerace sessions.



  • 95cm mast

  • Fuselage 100 cm Evo

  • Front Wing 730/550 cm2

  • Rear Wing 250 cm2

  • Titanium screws

+ Transport Case

+ Goy’Box

+ Rear Wing Shims x4 (0,5mm / 1mm / 1,5mm / 2mm)