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S2 Maui V-FR Venom-Foil Race Sail (2020)

Size: 8.0

Price:  $ 1,175.00 
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Size: 9.0

Price:  $ 1,255.00 
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If you have any questions on this sail or recommendations on what sizes booms/mast you would need, please give us a call.  We love talking shop. 727-656-6569

S2 Maui V-FR - Venom Foil Racesail (2020)

S2 has been busy making some impressive improvements on the V-FR windsurf foil racesail.  The 2019 showed off its talents and earned some wins in the PWA, and the 2020 is sure to do the same.  The designers worked closely with their riders, taking their feedback and turning it into progress and change. What does this mean for you?  You’ll be getting a windsurf sail that is finely tuned and completely dialed in so that you can get out there and consistently race at your best.

This sail is super light and responsive. This year features a higher aspect ratio and tighter leech for improved upwind performance.   The feedback they received from the pros included some changes such as shorter cord lengths, tighter mid-leech, lower foot and increased lift.  New multi-roller, wide footprint, low friction cambers and alternate side pockets at your lower battens help proved smooth and complete cam rotation.  S2 refined their Spacelight™ panel layouts and increased the “performance film” in the lower part of the sail.  They also focused on a new super light, low stretch Technora Spacelight™ in the upper leech to give you an instant leech response.  The 8.0 is designed for maximum performance for Foil Slalom and Foil Course style racing.  We find that the 8.0 is the best middle ground for both upwind and downwind performance.  If you are serious about windsurf foil racing, you’re going to want this sail.