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Severne Apex SDM 90% carbon mast

Size: 430

Price:  $ 755.00 
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Size: 460

Price:  $ 800.00 
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Size: 490

Price:  $ 820.00 
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Size: 530

Price:  $ 830.00 
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Size: 550

Price:  $ 849.00 
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Severne APEX 90% SDM Windsurfer Race Mast

Made for racing, the Apex 90% SDM mast provides high reflex response and reliability. Composed of 90% Toray Pre-preg Carbon, you get a lighter mast with optimized performance. Built incorporating the Apex taper that has a 15% smaller diameter mid-section which makes it much easier for the mast to pass through the sail sleeve.
Severne added a fiberglass outer layer for greater impact resistance, increased wall thickness, and an integrated ferrule to make this a durable and lightweight windsurfing mast.   Severne uses a +7 point measuring system for accuracy of their bend characteristics. Excellent SDM mast for Severnes performance freeride and freerace model sails.

- 90% Toray Pre-preg Carbon masts.
- SDM – Standard Diameter Mast.
- Apex Taper design – smaller mid-section diameter.
- Integrated Ferrule.
- Constant curve rating with 63 / 75 mast bend. 
- +7 point mast inspection – for bend consistency.
- 2-piece mast.
- 1 year warranty.
- Mast Bag - included.
- * RDM Mast shim - not included

Severne Apex SDM Mast Specifications