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Severne Cyclops Pro Wave Extension Carbon

Size: 24cm

Price:  $ 255.00 
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Size: 36cm

Price:  $ 259.00 
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Works with RDM masts and Euro Pin mast base.

Severne Carbon Cyclops Pro Wave Extension

The CYCLOPS rapid loop ‘n go rigging lets you rig your windsurfing sail in under 1 minute.

Just pass the loop of rope through the sail’s tack pulley and hook it over the single pulley on the extension.  Full downhaul tension is achieved in seconds with a single pull.

The combination of Formuline rope and the perfectly aligned pulley system reduces friction and makes up for loss of leverage from fewer pulleys.

Other highlights of the CYCLOPS include a new stainless steel collar, stainless steel button and mechanism, and a 0cm setting. Get faster, simpler rigging with this single loop-go pulley extension. Choose from 24cm or 36cm extension.