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Slingshot Hover Glide Infinity 65cm Carbon Wing


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65cm Front Wing Only

Hover Glide Infinity 65cm Carbon Front Wing

If you are looking for a high-speed foil and want to test the limits of aerial tricks while foiling this is the wing for you.  The Infinity 65cm front wing offers great carvability in surf and enough lift to glide through jibes/backwinded for all the latest freestyle tricks.  This front wing performs the best in medium to heavy wind and offers a higher top speed as compared to the 76cm wing. This is the fastest of all the hoverglide wings from Slingshot.

An excellent choice for towing with the rope in hand, riding at higher speeds, and boosting big airs / jumping.

Perfect wing for towing and surfing powerful waves. Designed for speed and agility, the Infinity 65cm delivers impressive top end speed for waves with power.

The choice for windsurfers who want high speed and big jumps in medium to high wind. Offers great carvability and enough lift and glide to sail back winded for all the latest freestyle tricks.

The Infinity 65 is going to be the fastest and most high performance kite wing in the hover glide range. This will push the top end speed of your hover glide foil and have you jumping and carving like a pro.