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Slingshot SUP WINDer

Slingshot sUP WINDer

You want to get into winging, but you aren't ready for a small foil board yet.  Slingshot has the answer.  Chances are, you already have a standup paddleboard laying around.   Stick the sUP WINDer fin to the bottom of your SUP and now you've got the perfect board to learn how to wing surf on.  You get the float and stabillity with the SUP and great upwind capability with the sUP WINDer.

The sUP WINDer is the first of its kind stick on keel.  It only takes a couple minutes to install and your board goes from a standup paddle board to the perfect beginner wingsurfing board.  Once you have the sUP WINDer installed, grab a wing, go practice your technique AND be able to easily stay upwind.  The sUP WINDer will help keep you from doing too many walks of shame while learning to wingsurf.  This is awesome for teaching first-time wingsurfers and exploring your local waterways.  Use the wind to propel yourself across the water faster with less energy.  If you do want to use your board for standup paddling, the keel is easily removable, while the streamlines, stick-on finbox remains attached to the bottom of the board.  We really like the sUP WINDer for the fact that you can learn with gear that you already have laying around, and once you get better, you know more of what you're looking for when it's time to get your very own foil board.  Be warned - the sUP WINDer could be the gateway drug that gets you into wingsurfing.  It's highly addictive and will have you jonesing for more wind and more on-the-water time.  


  • Convert your standard SUP board into a wingsurfing board
  • Allows you to stay upwind
  • Installs in minutes
  • Keel fin is removable for standard paddling
  • Great for teaching first time wingsurfers
  • Give new life to that SUP board collecting dust