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Slingshot Wizard Foil Package (2018)

Board Size: Wizard 105

Price:   $ 3,166.00   $ 2,299.00  
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Board Size: Wizard 125

Price:   $ 3,216.00   $ 2,299.00  
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Board Size: Wizard 150

Price:   $ 3,216.00   $ 2,299.00  
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Package includes board, mounting hardware and foil. Footstraps sold separately.

Windfoiling gear is available to rent from us in St Pete, FL and we teach foiling lessons too!

Slingshot Foiling Package

Get a board and foil all together and you are ready to venture into the world of flying while windsurfing! You can get the best foil experience with this Slingshot Windsurf Foiling package- Just pick the size of board that will work best for you. The foil is a 2019 Slingshot Hover Glide Fwind foil that includes the 76cm front wing, back wing, fuselage, 24" mast, screws, the deep tuttle connector AND a plate connector. You can pick the Dialer, with a bit more length for easier learning in the touch-and-go stages of foiling (or for bigger guys and lighter wind).  The Wizard has less length, so swing weight is reduced when you are going for big aerials! The Slingshot Foil package truly gives you all the tools you need to excel and the ability to tailor your kit to both your skill level and the conditions where you windsurf.

If you want to get more info on how to use your foil and foil package accessories to their fullest capabilities, check out Slingshot's Foil Academy!

Or call us 727.656.6569 or email us for advice on which board you would like best!

Slingshot Board Specs:

Board Type Length (ft/in) Width (in) Thickness (in) Volume (l)
Wizard 105 5'10" 30" 6.8" 105
Wizard 125 6'8" 31" 6.8" 125
Wizard 150 6'8" 34" 6.8" 150
Dialer 130 7'6" 27.5" 6.8" 130
Dialer 145 7'6" 30.5" 6.8" 145