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Slingshot Wizard V3

Size: 90Liters

Price:   $ 2,211.10   $ 829.00  
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Size: 114 Liters

Price:   $ 2,282.21   $ 899.00  
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Slingshot Wizard V3 Windsurf Foil Board

New for 2021 from Slingshot is the Wizard V3 windsurf foil board! Now with adjustable foil track mounts that allow you to perfectly place your foil's center of lift without sacrificing your favored footstrap stance. With two sizes to suit every rider and all the wind speeds - there is a Wizard that will be your new favorite!

If you are down to foil even when it's nuking, you want a narrower, low volume board. The Wizard 90L is the choice for lighter sailors or high wind foiling addicts and you will love it. The outboard foot strap options offer blistering speed and crazy tack angles. Inboard footstrap inserts and a centerline back foot option provide complete control for radical aerials. If foiling is all you do, this board is for you!

The Wizard 114L was designed as a departure from the wide profile and bulky first-generation foil boards. The narrower outline increases control, reduces windage, and allows you to carve hard without a formula board stance. A substantially thicker shape puts the volume under your feet where you need it most, delivering an ultra-compact package with incredible stability.  With in-board and out-board options, you can tailor the 114L to your style with an array of footstrap options including centerline back foot and forward wingfoiling inserts.


  • It offers the feeling of riding the foil and nothing else
  • Built from light and stiff Biax Carbon.
  • Boxy volume under your feet, where you need it
  • Direct rail to rail responsiveness
  • Centerline back footstrap option
  • Forward Wingfoiling footstrap inserts
  • Adjustable foil track
  • Sail Sizes:
    90L: 2.5 to 5.3
    114L: 3.5 to 7.5