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Slingshot Wizard V4

Wizard V4: 90L

Price:   $ 2,167.00   $ 1,949.99  
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Wizard V4: 114L

Price:   $ 2,278.00   $ 2,049.99  
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Wizard V4: 130L

Price:   $ 2,389.00   $ 2,149.99  
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Board comes with footstraps.

Slingshot Wizard V4

The Wizard V4 boards were designed to pull away from the wide profile of bulky first-generation foil boards. The narrower outline increases your control, reduces windage, and allows the rider to lay hard carves without a formula board stance. A substantially thicker shape puts the volume under your feet where you need it most, delivering an ultra-compact package with incredible stability. Whether you like an inboard or outboard stance, tailor the Wizard to your style with an array of footstrap options including centerline back foot on all sizes and forward wingfoiling specific inserts on the 114 and 90L versions. The new inset bottom handle allows for easy launching and landing and the out-the-back foil tracks make connecting your foil a breeze.

Why You'll Love It
  • It offers the feeling of riding the foil and nothing else.
  • Extended foil tracks continue out the back of the tail, allowing for easy foil connect/ disconnect.
  • Inset bottom handle allows you to carry board and foil like your normal windsurf kit.
  • New lighter weight construction.
  • Boxy volume under your feet, where you need it.
  • Direct rail to rail responsiveness.
  • Centerline back footstrap option.
  • Forward wingfoiling footstrap inserts in 114L and 90L.

slingshot wizard v4 specs