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Starboard Adj Enduro Balsa SUP Paddle

Blade Size: Medium

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Blade Size: Large

Price:  $ 269.00 
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Starboard Eduro 2.0 Balsa Adjustable SUP Paddle

The 2019 Enduro 2.0 paddle is incredibly easy to handle, but also amazingly durable. The lightness of the paddle combined with the smooth shape of the blade makes each catch feel immensely direct and powerful. The versatility of the blade comes from its unique 13° angle, which allows functionality under a variety of conditions. With enough push to get you onto a fast wave, or to simply cruise on a lake without requiring too much technique, the Enduro is perfect for whatever adventure is calling you! This blade is tear drop shaped, and the wider surface area provides an incredible catch. The double concave on the power face guides the water, while controlling for wobbling.

Starboard's Balsa paddle is made to be eco-friendly, while remaining true to the brand's durability and functionality. The Balsa technology is 100% long grain low-density balsa core for better paddle sensation and power. Durability is maximized by the biaxial 45-degree glass fabric. The product is constituted of a UD carbon flax neck, with extended reinforcement on the blade neck for incredible strength. A full ABS rail all the way up to the neck creates durability for both the paddle and the board.
All paddles are equipped with a small "trash picker," made from recycled plastic, allowing you to pick up plastic and other pieces of trash you come across while you're out on the water.