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Starboard Air Foil Inflatable Wing Board

Starboard Air Foil Inflatable Wing Foil Board

The new Air Foil is Starboard’s latest innovative product. This award-winning inflatable wing foil board combines ultimate performance with maximum convenience.

The Air Foil wingboard features a new patent-pending top plate technology on the standing area, designed by Starboard: The foil mast is mounted directly to the solid standing area on the deck to offer wing riders direct feedback from the foil and instant response. This all translates into more control and a better flight sensation.

The board comes with a pump (with attachments that allow it to inflate both your board and your Freewing), footstraps, board leash, and a carrying case that has room for the pump, your wing, and your foil - in addition to the board.

Welded Rail Technology:

  • All Starboard Inflatable boards have welded rails
  • The welded rail technology creates an air-tight, mechanically bonded seam without the risk of glue weakening over time. This makes Starboard inflatables last longer than any other inflatable.

Patent Pending Plate Technology:
  • The foil attaches directly to the plate for better stiffness and stability than any other inflatable foil board.
  • The distance between the feet and foil is less than 1.5cm