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Starboard Airfoil Package

size: 6 5 146L with 4.5 wing

Price:   $ 3,283.00   $ 1,899.00  
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size: 6 5 146L with 5.5 wing

Price:   $ 3,299.00   $ 1,899.00  
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Starboard Airfoil Package

This package includes everything you need to get out and go wing in a super portable package. The starboard airfoil wing board offers best in class inflatable preformance due to the welded rail technology and unique foil top plate design. The foil offers fun carving while maintaining good stability at higher speeds. The wing offers a compact design making learning maneuvers  easier.

The Board:

The new Air Foil is Starboard’s latest innovative product. This award-winning inflatable wing foil board combines ultimate performance with maximum convenience. The Air Foil wingboard features a new patent-pending top plate technology on the standing area, designed by Starboard: The foil mast is mounted directly to the solid standing area on the deck to offer wing riders direct feedback from the foil and instant response. This all translates into more control and a better flight sensation.

The Wing:

4.5 or 5.5m

The Starboard Freewing Go is the wing you want for learning to wing (on the water, on snow, or on a skateboard). The FreeWing GO has a pioneering, ultra compact geometry, suitable for any level of rider.The shorter wingtips do not catch when learning, gybing, during advanced water starts or rotations. The short wingtips also enhance the ease of use when not foiling or on snow, ice, with skateboards and land boards. The large diameter middle frame creates instant power and a rigid feel, getting you up and going, despite a relatively lower aspect ratio. The wind range is huge as it’s such an easy wing to control over powered. The handles are easy to grab, while the windows are positioned and optimized for important visibility/ safety.

Starboard S-Type Glass Foil - Complete Kit

The Starboard Foils Glass series are entry foils that are fully compatible and upgradable with Starboard Foils' Modular Foil Platform. The blue G100 wings are made from a pre-preg glass sandwich construction. The one-piece fuselage uses a non-adjustable Quick Lock II system for the front wing fitting. All Glass series foils come with the V8 aluminium mast system.

Designed for surfing waves and carving maneuvers, the S-Types feel solid, stable and secure. With wing tips that act like fins, they react instantly and precisely to carving pressure. The smaller the size, the faster the speed.

Kit Includes:
  • S-Type 2000 Front Wing in Blue Glass
  • RAZR 250 Tail Wing in Blue Glass
  • 61cm Hybrid Fuselage
  • 72cm Aluminum V8 Mast

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