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Starboard Carve IQ 3DX (2018)

Size: 104 liters

Price:   $ 1,499.00   $ 1,199.00  
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Size: 131 liters

Price:   $ 1,499.00   $ 1,199.00  
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This board includes a standard freeride Drake fin and Drake footstraps.

Starboard Carve IQ 3DX - Windsurfing Fun

Fun playful freeride board that is sure to give you a great day windsurfing! The Starboard Carve IQ is new for 2018 and combines two classics: the AtomIQ and Carve into one great board. The smaller sizes are similar to the old Atom IQ and give you a fast, maneuverable and exciting ride while the larger sizes replace the Carve with a shorter length but similar flat rocker lines for great performance, little fuss, and quick to plane profile. This is all achieved through a wider tail for stability and control at speed, cut-away profile on the bottom of the board for reduced drag, and thinner rails for a better center of gravity. Made from Starboard's 3DX construction, you get a biaxial fully wrapped board that delivers a crisp, stiff feel but will still flex in the chop. This construction also provides excellent strength and durability which is a great option for beginning windsurfers who are new to getting in the harness and footstraps, or for anyone that wants the extra durability. The CarveIQ is definitely your go-to windsurf board if you want a quick to plane, easy to control, playful freeride board.
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Starboard CarveIQ Board Specifications

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