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Starboard Foil 111 (2019)

Starboard Foil 111 Windsurf Foil Board

Get the true feeling of flying across the water with this Starboard Foil 111 windsurf board!  At 111 liters in volume and 70.5cm in width, you can have everything you need to learn and progress in this growing wind-foil sport. The Foil 111 has a reinforced fin box to evenly distribute the pressure and load of the foil, and was designed to be thin for maximum foil control. This windsurf foiling board features 100% sharp rail edges to get you planing early and to provide clean water release on your take-offs and your touch downs.  This board is constructed from Flax Balsa technology offering a strong and lightweight setup.

Board specs:
111 liters, 215.5cm long, 70.5cm width. 7.73kg. 2 footstrap rows.

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