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Starboard Foil Monolithic Carbon Mast Set with Top Plate

size: 72cm

Price:  $ 1,199.00 
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size: 82cm

Price:  $ 1,299.00 
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size: 92cm

Price:  $ 1,299.00 
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size: 102cm

Price:  $ 1,399.00 
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Comes with carbon mast, top plate mounting plate, mounting hardware, Quick-Lock HD fuselage.
Compatible with plate mount foil box systems only.
Wing sets and bag sold separately.

Starboard Foils Monolithic Carbon Foil Mast Set with Top Plate

The newest mast set option available from Starboard Foils, the Monolithic mast line is the ultimate choice for high performance foiling. Built from super light weight and incredibly stiff monocoque carbon, these masts will take your foiling to the next level. Integrated top plate mount builds a solid connection between board and foil by eliminating the need for an adapter. Wide cord at the top gives plenty of traction and lift for when you're first getting the board moving, narrower cord near the fuselage keeps drag to a minimum while giving excellent reactivity and a lively feel. 

These masts are listed as “mast sets”, as they will include the Quick Lock HD center fuselage piece, which features an extra bolt for added clamping power and security, for super long sessions. The system can still be used without the extra bolt, maintaining the speed and simplicity of the original Quick Lock system. The Quick Lock system allows you to assemble your foil in 6 seconds. Pairs with both Starboard Foils Wave Wing Sets, or Windsurf Wing Sets.

  • 72cm - Inherently the stiffest option due to it's shorter length, this is best for hardcore wave performance. Pair this with your prone surf-foil board, wave-wing foil board, or pump foil board for stability and maneuverability. Appropriate for beginner foilers and shallower waters.
  • 82cm - Best length for all-around foil performance. Short enough for stability and maneuverability in the waves, but long to clear the wave tops in choppy conditions. It's also a great for pick for downwinders, upwind touring, and high powered freeriding. One mast to rule them all.
  • 92cm - Best for intermediate to advanced foil-riders who want to add power to their riding for open-ocean downwinders, big waves, and high speeds. Lets you leverage the board over at a more extreme angle for flying upwind. Also excellent for high performance freemove windsurf foiling.
  • 102cm - Advanced foilers and deep water only. For those who are pushing the envelope and are exploring the outer limits of what foiling can offer.

Pair any of these Starboard Foils mast sets with the Starboard Foils wing set of your choice to create the complete foil system. The mast set comes with the carbon mast (with integrated top plate mount), Quick-Lock HD fuselage, mounting hardware, and an optional EVA pad. Install the optional EVA pad to keep your board in great shape, or keep it off for maximum responsiveness.

All Starboard Foils items can be special ordered for factory direct delivery if not in stock. Expect 3-5 weeks for order fulfillment depending on availability. Contact us to place an order.