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Starboard Foils Quick Lock II 40 Front Piece

In 2019, Starboard Foils introduced the quickest foil
assembly system with Quick Lock.

For 2022, we introduce Quick Lock II: with 55% more
thickness and a new Lock-Slot, the front wing connection
becomes twice as stiff and twice as strong for impeccable
control and fight stability.

The cross section of the front wing male ferrule is
55% thicker compared to the original Quick
Lock: less twist = more control.

The tail wing section and the mast slot is the same
as on the original Quick Lock fuselage, so masts
and tail wings are cross-compatible.

The new Lock-Slot on the top adds an an extra
mechanical locking point.

The new octagonal shape of the male ferrule, with
flat sides and sharp corners, maximizes the
interlocking surface areas.