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Starboard Foils S Type Front Wing - Quick Lock HD

Starboard Foil S Type Front Wing

The Starboard Foil S Type Front Wing line is ideal for surfing waves and carving maneuvers. The S Type series overall are very solid, stable and secure without compromising on performance. They react instantly and precisely to carving pressure. The smaller the size, the faster the speed. These are designed for use on Starboard Foils Quick-Lock HD Fuselages, but will also work with the original Quick-Lock and Wave Fuselages.

  • 2400 - Offers maximum lift for heavier riders, or super light winds/very small waves. The all time session saver during the off season months, when nothing else will get you flying.
  • 2000 - Great first time foil for all sports in lighter conditions that still gives good maneuverability and speed. Awesome pick for SUP-foiling and light-wind Wing-Foiling