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Starboard Foils iQ Foil Junior

Starboard IQ Aluminum Foil - Junior

Just like the regular IQ foil - but with an 800 front wing for smaller riders. This is the IQ Foil one design class foil for juniors (16 years old and under) on the Olympic development path.
Starboard's IQ Aluminum foil is the most successful windsurf race foil in windsurfing to date.  Starboard's iQFoil project and their race foil is what made foiling in the Olympics a possibility.  Compared to the original Race foil, the iQFoil foil set has been beefed up with a  800 front wing that has amazing extra-light wind performance.  This foil also includes two new Plus fuselages, the 115+ (great for upwind/downwind racing) and the 95+ (your go to for higher winds and racing).  These fuselages also have an adjustable tail wing angle so you can make sure your board is set up perfectly, no matter what the conditions are.  You can easily increase control in high winds or increase power in light winds with the six angled spacers that come with the fuselages.  The tail wing has -2 degrees built in and you can further adjust the angle by adding the following spacers: -2° / -1.5° / -1° / -0.5° / 0° / +1°.  The recommended tail wing angle on the 115 Plus and 95 Plus is -2°, so we recommend starting with the 0° spacer. You can reduce tail wing angle up to 2 more degrees by using the -2° spacer, for more speed and control, or increase by up to 1° by using the +1° spacer, for more power. 

Connection systems:
Front wing: Saddle system
Tail wing: Adjustable saddle system
Fuselage: Starboard Universal Connect
Mast: Deep Tuttle

The iQ Foil set includes:
  • 800 front wing
  • 255 tail wing with a -2 degree
  • 115+ fuselage
  • 95cm V5HD Aluminum mast
  • Team bag - Large
  • Six angled spacers (-2° / -1.5° / -1° / -0.5° / 0° / +1°)