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Starboard GT-R Plus Foil Aluminum


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The Starboard GT-R windsurfing foil has a Deep Tuttle base, 800cm front wing, 330 rear wing, 85cm alu mast, 95cm fuselage

Starboard GT-R Foil

The Starboard GT-R windsurfing foil is new to 2019 combining the Race and GT foil with a 85cm aluminum mast and a 95cm+ fuselage. It has the same carbon 800mm front wings and carbon 330mm rear wing as the Starboard GT foils.  The Starboard GT-R windsurfing foil has a fuselage length in between the  GT (75cm) and race foils (115cm), Lets call it a freerace windfoil. It will have better performance upwind than the GT and more maneuverable than the race foils.  Compared to the race foils the GT-R comes with a slightly shorter fuselage, 95cm and a smaller front wing which lets the rider have a more enjoyable crosswind sailing experience by reducing drag so if you're in the market for top performance in foil racing, the Starboard Race foil would be a better option.  As for the GT, the GT-R brings a bit more power to the equation allowing for earlier foiling and improved performance for upwind/ downwind windsurfing due to its larger fuselage. The Starboard GT-R would be a great pairing with the Starboard Foil 144.