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Starboard IQ Foil 95 Olympic Board

Type: Men 68cm Fin

Price:  $ 3,508.00 
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Type: Women 66cm Fin

Price:  $ 3,508.00 
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Starboard IQ Foil Board with Bag and Fin

The windsurfing kit for the 2024 Olympic Games is the Starboard IQ Foil, and windsurfers everywhere are stoked! 95 cm wide windsurfing foil board in Starboard carbon-reflex construction. This package comes with the Starboard Recover bag and a fin (for when it's so windy you don't want to foil).

High-performance foil racing board that is capable of upwind/downwind racing on a fin if the conditions get really tough. 95cm wide for convenient air travel. Gets planing in minimum winds and makes racing in 5 knots of wind and above possible. Powerful in light winds, controllable in strong winds, convertible to fin mode and built-in durable and lightweight Carbon Reflex technology.  This board is the new Olympic class for the 2024 summer games in Paris. 
Dimensions: 220 x 95 cm, 196 liters.

  • Cutaways: Extra-large cutaways, more than double the size of the regular Formula’s, reduces the wetted area and improves take-off onto the foil.
  • Sharp Rails and Beveled Nose:  The sharp rails in the tail allow the boards to get planing and reach take-off speed more easily. Additionally, the board will bounce off the water if you clip the water surface instead of sticking and throwing you into a catapult.  The beveled nose improves aerodynamics and ultimately provides more control at high speeds.
  • Recessed Mast Track: Deck concave and recessed mast track for a more vertical sailing position while closing the gap between the sail and the deck of the board.
  • Fin Included: Drake iQFOiL 68 (men) 66 (women) for challenging water conditions and strong winds.
  • Foil or Fin ready.
  • 95 cm width makes it easy to scan board through at airports.
  • Official Olympic Equipment for 2024