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Starboard Kode Wood(2023)

volume: 105L

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volume: 115L

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volume: 125L

Price:   $ 2,599.00   $ 1,999.00  
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volume: 135L

Price:   $ 2,599.00   $ 1,999.00  
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Kode Wood
drive, agility and speed. The Kodes are more fun in waves and keep their fast freeride feel. Are we promising too much? Come and try for yourself.

The versatile Kodes ensure a confident and smooth ride in choppy conditions. In wave mode, the Kode encourages you into more radical turns than ever before – and get away with it in style. When the waves are flat, keep the action happening with the included freeride fin to maximize speed and drive. And fun.
We designed the Kodes to offer you the best onshore wave performance and excel in freeride, freewave and Bump & Jump. Time to play.


Kode 85, 95 and 105 accelerate quick with enough area behind the fin. This lift is balanced with more nose area, creating a super smooth ride in choppy waters. Manoeuvrability is enhanced by the added curve around the front footstraps. The new Kode hip outline makes bottom turns and jibes notably more engaging and flowing.

We want to make wave riding accessible to everyone in any conditions.
Do you want to wave ride even if the wind is light and the currents are strong?
Do you want a board that is easy to balance through the shorebreak?

The 115, 125 & 135 Kodes feature larger volumes with thin rails, allowing you to enjoy tricky conditions and ride more waves with ease. Enjoy the playful thruster set for wave riding and switch to the larger single fin option for a freeride blast.



• 85, 95 & 105: Rounded tails and noses – The curved tail outline enhances radical turns and smooth wave riding. Going upwind, downwind, reaching or riding waves, the consistent drive keeps you moving in tricky conditions. A sleek, rounded nose maintains a smooth ride in any conditions.

• Lots of volume – compact shape – Our larger volume Kode boards have loads of volume packed into a compact outline. The thin rails help these larger boards ride waves easily. With short nose and tail lengths, the bigger Kodes feel like a much smaller board under your feet, responding much more directly in manoeuvres.

• Speed, Grip & Control – The bottom shape blends a fast rocker along the centreline for maximum speed with more curved rockers on the sides. As you engage the rail, that added curvature on the sides of the Kode bites and you feel the board lock in to a smooth carving arc.

• Single Fin: Fast & Fun – Set up your Kode with the included Drake FreeWave single fin and take it out in any conditions. With this set up the Kode doesn’t need waves to unleash its full potential. The classic single fin configuration provides plenty of speed, early planing and a very directional drive, much like a freeride board.

• Extra volume midsection – With a narrower outline, extra volume is added around the centerline, improving consistency and confidence in marginal conditions. Get planing sooner and maintain momentum and flow in critical situations.

• More Wave Performance – To get even more wave performance out of your Kode, simply load up the thruster fin set also supplied with the board. You’ll quickly sense how the shorter center fin and side fins add a new dimension of manoeuvrability, grip and stability to your Kode.

• Finboxes – Featuring two lightweight Starboxes and one US box (Powerbox on 125 & 135) the versatility doesn’t take a toll on the overall board weight. The Starbox system allows you to fit Slot Box fins, quickly locating your last setting to get you on the water faster. Starbox is also compatible with US box fins.

• A locked and comfortable stance – Premium Drake footstraps are made from Yulex eco-foam with the smoothest fabric for a comfortable feel. Under your feet the 10mm thick footpads with a diamond grooving pattern provide positive grip and comfort over extended sessions while being resistant to wear-and-tear.

• Smart Color Set-Up – Wave: Adjust your mast base and footstrapsaround the white marks. FreeWave: Adjust your mast base and footstraps around the light blue marks. Freeride: Adjust your mast base and footstraps around the dark blue marks.

ModelTechnologiesVolumeLengthWidthTail WidthThicknessFinsFin BoxesSail RangeWeight - Carbon SandwichWeight - Wood Sandwich
Kode 85 Carbon Sandwich | Wood Sandwich 85 227 60 38.5 11.9 Drake Natural Wave 11 + MFC TF 19 2 x StarBox 10 + US Box 6.5" 4.0-6.0 6.63 7.0
Kode 95 Carbon Sandwich | Wood Sandwich 95 229 62 39.9 12.4 Drake Natural Wave 11 + MFC TF 20 2 x StarBox 10 + US Box 6.5" 4.5-6.5 6.69 7.24
Kode 105 Carbon Sandwich | Wood Sandwich 105 229 66 42.2 13.1 Drake Natural Wave 11 + MFC TF 21 2 x StarBox 10 + US Box 6.5" 5.0-7.0 7.03 7.58
Kode 115 Carbon Sandwich | Wood Sandwich 115 225 66.5 44.2 14.5 Drake Natural Wave 13 + Drake Rush 22 2 x StarBox 10 + US Box 6.5" 5.5-7.5 7.08 7.65
Kode 125 Carbon Sandwich | Wood Sandwich 125 227 69.5 46.2 15.5 Drake Natural Wave 13 + Drake Rush 24 2 x StarBox 10 + Power Box 6.0-8.0 7.80 8.13
Kode 135 Carbon Sandwich | Wood Sandwich 135 230 71.5 47.4 15.4 Drake Natural Wave 13 + Drake Rush 25 2 x StarBox 10 + Power Box 6.5-8.5 8.2 8.6