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Starboard Rio with Synergy Rig Package

sail size: 7.3

Price:   $ 2,975.00   $ 1,849.00  
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sail size: 6.7

Price:   $ 2,955.00   $ 1,849.00  
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sail size: 6.0

Price:   $ 2,905.00   $ 1,799.00  
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sail size: 5.4

Price:   $ 2,910.00   $ 1,799.00  
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Starboard Rio With Severne Synergy rig package

The Starboard Rio, packaged with the Severne Synergy rig, is the perfect choice for beginners and those looking for an easy-to-use windsurfing setup. Designed with simplicity and accessibility in mind, this package offers a smooth and stable ride, making it ideal for beginners to learn and progress quickly. The user-friendly features a stable board, ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience on the water.

This is the Rio in the Rhino construction - an extremely tough and durable build that was meant to last as you learn to progress.  Then entire board is wrapped in a thick tough thermoplastic polymer ABS skin with a double wrap around the rails and anEVA deck pad that is easy on your feet and knees. he long tail design gives the board great glide, excellent stability for learning, and allows the board to get planing with ease.  The clipperbox daggerboard system allows you to windsurf up wind on your first outings, no need for the dreaded "walk of shame" back up wind!  With multiple footsrap positions, you can learn to sail in higher winds, quickly making the transition to sailing in the footstraps. The deck of the board is specifically contoured for inboard straps, making the Rios the most comfortable and natural board to learn planing on. Thanks to the contoured deck shape, as the rider progresses and moves back on the board, windsurfing faster and with more and more power in the sail, the feet line up naturally with the inboard footstrap positions. (footstraps sold separately).

Unlike other rig packages, the Synergy is not just about price. It’s designed from the ground up to make your first windsurfing experiences as easy as possible. Everything just fits together effortlessly allowing you to skip the complications and get on with the fun part.

The SYNERGY rig combines lightweight materials with technical functionality to create an all in-one package that anyone can easily rig and sail. It has a step-by-step rigging guide printed directly on the sail making SYNERGY quick and easy to rig, maximising your time on the water.

Every sail in the SYNERGY range rigs on its own mast and boom for ease and simplicity. No messing around with adjusting boom or extension lengths.

The SYNERGY Kids and Junior sizes are all built from brightly coloured, durable Dacron. They all use reduced sized components for the ergonomics of the smaller rider.

The Synergy is the easiest way to go windsurfing.