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Starboard Waterline Travel Bag

Starboard SUP Travel Bag - Waterline Fit

Designed to fit the Starboard Waterline SUP - this bag has room for a long skinny nose and and an extra wide tail Well padded for travel.

  • Intended to fit boards 12 ft. 6 in. and up to 29 in. wide, and is also suited for displacement hull touring boards with narrow noses and exceptionally wide tails
  • PET 450-denier outer fabric made from recycled plastic bottles in partnership with Waste2Wear 30–150 recycled bottles are used per bag; bottles are chopped into flakes, washed, melted and extruded into yarns and then spun into a fabric
  • Ripstop weaving technology improves wear and tear resistance 10 mm padding protects your gear
  • Starboard ReCover bags are flipped inside out, creating a lighter bag with double thickness padding along the rail edges, eliminating the need for heavy reinforcement webbing
  • Heavy-duty, noncorrosive YKK buckles and zippers are placed away from the edge of the bag to protect your board's rails from damage
  • Bag is a heat-reflective color to help protect your gear while in the sun Heavy-duty corrosion-free air vent for temperature control
  • Has built-in compression straps in case you don't need the extra space
  • Extra-padded shoulder handle for carry comfort
  • Name card holder helps it find it's way back to you if lost
  • Starboard has been a registered B-corp since 2017; to learn more about what that means for people and the planet