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Starboard Windsurfer LT

Model: Windsurfer LT Race

Price:  $ 1,549.00 
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Model: Windsurfer LT Flat Deck

Price:  $ 1,349.00 
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Windsurfer LT

Old school windsurfing is new again! If you're in the market for a can-do-everything board look no further, the Windsurfer LT is the board to have no matter the conditions on the water.  This 12' by 29" board is designed to excel in low wind windsurfing while providing plenty of stability making it perfect for learning windsurfing and advancing to more advanced skills such as freestyle sailing and racing.  This long board sailboard also makes a great paddleboard for those times that you show up to the beach and there is no wind.  The Windsurfer LT construction features a lightweight EPS core with a fiberglass and epoxy resin system making it built for longevity while keeping the board lighter than most Wind/SUP boards on the market (15kg or 33lbs) making it much easier to handle while windsurfing and paddling alike. 

If you remember the glory days of windsurfing and you had a windsurfer one-design, a wayler, a windglider, or a Mistral Superlight you will be delighted to know that the Windsurfer LT harkens back to those days.  Awesome glide in light wind, a killer platform for lightwind freestyle, and a growing one-design race class.  With a bit more width and less weight than the old boards, you will fall in love with windsurfing all over again!

The Race version of the Windsurfer LT comes with a Big 85cm daggerboard. It feels the most like the Original Mistral Superlight than anyother board out there. It has a flat bottom for ease of learning and it tacks very quickly as well like the original Mistral Superlight

12' (366cm) long is 74cm (29") wide, and has 229 liters of volume and weighs 15kg (33lbs)