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Starboard iQ Foil 85 Surface to Air

Starboard Surface to Air - IQ Foil development program

Perfect for sailing centers or kids who are already dreaming of foiling, the Starboard Surface to Air works for a kid's first day of windsurfing all the way to foiling. The board is the same shape and construction as the IQ Foil 85 that the junior and youth sailors use; however, it has a center fin box added. With the supplied center fin, you can put a youth or junior who is just learning to windsurf on this board and they can learn the basics of windsurfing! Once they have progressed, you can remove the center fin and add a foil to move on to the next step. We think this will be the ideal board for youth windsurfing programs who want an easy and economical way to transition from beginner windsurfer to high performance foiling.