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North Beach Quick Strap 'Soft' Roof Racks

Size: Magnum

Price:  $ 90.00 
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Size: Standard

Price:  $ 65.00 
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Quick Strap Padded Sports Roof Rack

These are North Beach Windsurfing soft padded roof racks to transport your favorite water equipment! These work great with any vehicle that has front and rear opening windows and can easily be installed in seconds. These racks secure through the vehicle with strong nylon straps that slide through 600lb capacity metal cam buckles. This model also has solution dyed UV resistant outer fabric to prevent color fading. The straps are easily removed and store in a small mesh bag- save time, money, and space using these soft racks compared to traditional metal roof racks.

The quick release roof racks come in two different models: Magnum and Standard. Both roof pads are 30" long. The Magnum model uses thick low compression foam padding and has one flat side with soft, non-skid fabric that prevents any rolling or excessive movement on the roof of your vehicle. The nylon straps are attached at both ends with triple reinforced webbing. The Standard straps use round foam padding and have the nylon straps run through the center of the pads for a secure fit.

Each set comes with 2 padded roof rack straps. Each strap is equipped with a 30" padded foam piece to place your watercraft on, a nylon strap to secure the watercraft on top of the foam pad, and another long nylon strap that secures the rack through the vehicle.